By | 25 February 2010

A short article giving you some pointers to buying the best eco mat for yoga.

Here are six of the best eco friendly mats for yoga that won’t damage your health or cost the earth!

Bean Products Inc has been proudly manufacturing eco friendly yoga mats in the USA since 1987. Based in Chicago, IL, they describe themselves as “passionate about our planet and crazy about comfort”.

Their Extra Thick High Density Clean PVC Yoga Mat is long at 72 inches and double thick at ¼ inch (6.3mm). It comes in a range of colors and is also washable. This eco yoga mat is a low priced, high performance, easy care, premium eco yoga mat that is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured using an ecologically safer method of production and is made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin). It does not contain dioxins, toxic phthalates or heavy metals.

Dennis Ingui, President of Aurorae started this New Jersey based company from the passion he developed for yoga as a cancer survivor nine years ago.

The Aurorae Eco Yoga Mat is 72 inches long, ¼ inch thick and comes in a range of colors with a focal point icon to aid concentration. It’s manufactured from a newly designed eco friendly material and is good value, easy to care for and durable. Machine washing on a hot setting is actively encouraged to break this eco yoga mat in.

Based in California, Manduka have been producing what is generally recognised as the ultimate mat for yoga for the last ten years. If you want the best, and don’t mind paying for it, many people think this is it.

The legendary Manduka BlackMatPRO Yoga and Pilates Mat is so durable it carries a lifetime guarantee and is well known for its dense cushioning and fabric finished non slip surface. It comes in 71 inch and 85 inch lengths, is 26 inches wide.  The Manduka BlackMatPRO though, is a heavy yoga mat, ¼ inch thick and weighing 7lbs (making it less transportable than lighter mats).

The company is firmly committed to environmentally friendly production but, the BlackMatPRO does include PVC.  However, it is so durable that you may only ever need one Manduka BlackMatPRO.  This is arguably better for the environment than buying and throwing away possibly several yoga mats over your lifetime.  Manduka also produce a more eco friendly natural rubber and sea-grass mat known as the Manduka EKO Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga grew out of Jade Industries, a company that had been making non-slip natural rubber products since the early 1970s and developed the Harmony, the first natural rubber yoga mat, in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Jade Yoga’s most popular premium eco yoga mat, the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat comes in either 68 or 74 inch lengths and is 3/16 ths of an inch thick providing a good balance of traction and cushioning. It is made of natural rubber and contains no PVC.


Chicago based and founded in 2007 to provide a response to the low quality and environmentally harmful products seen in yoga and pilate’s studios.

The Natural Fitness Professional Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is, of course made of rubber and is 24 Inches wide by72 inches long and 3/16 inch thick. This eco friendly yoga mat comes in a variety of two tone colors and is natural and bio-degradable.

All of the above are eco friendly yoga mats and they range in price from around $15 to getting on for $200.


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