By | 28 February 2010

If you’re looking for something different in a yoga mat then the shakti mat is definitely that …… no pain, no gain?
What’s it all about?
The shakti mat is a soft padded organic cotton mat covered in plastic spikes.  Over 6000 of them!  It comes in either orange or green and was designed by a  former massage therapist.

Swedish Om Mokshananda used to be called Jonathon until, he visited the Himalayas and India to develop his yoga and meditation practice.  When he came back he designed the shakti mat based on a bed of nails.  It’s made by local women in Varanasi, India and profits go back into the community there.

The spikes on the shakti mat encourage your acupressure points to realease a cloud of happy endorphins, releiving stress and providing balance.  Regular use of the Shakti Mat may help you to achieve deep relaxation and renew your overall health and wellbeing.

Does it work?

Apparently so. It helps relieve muscle tension and insomnia and just revitalises you. 40 minutes a day is recommended but 10 minutes is the minimum.

Does it hurt?

Yep, although you lay a sheet on top of the shakti mat at first, which helps.  After a few minutes blood rushes to the acupressure points and the pain is replaced by heat.  Like those more punishing yoga poses, it’s worth it though.

How much is it?

You can buy a shakti mat online for about $75 .


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